Interim Placements

September 2020

When a student with an IEP transfers into the Contra Costa SELPA from a California Local Education Agency (LEA) not operating programs under the same local plan and that student as enrolled in a special education program in the same academic year, the receiving district administrator (in consultation with the parent) may place the student in a comparable program for a period not to exceed thirty (30) days. By the end of the 30-day period the district will adopt the IEP or develop a new one. The process allows the district to identify similar services that are available in the receiving district, allow the parent to be informed, and allow implementation for a limited period of time until the IEP process is completed.(Article 2, section 56325 (a) (2)) (Title 20, (d)(2)(C)(i) ) (Article 2, section 56325 (a) (1)) (Title 20, (d)(2)(C)(i) )

For students transferring into the Contra Costa SELPA from a district operating programs under the same local plan, it is the responsibility of the district of residence to enroll students and begin attendance with implementation of the IEP as soon as possible unless the parent and the LEA agree to develop, adopt, and implement a new IEP. The Interim placement process is provided to expedite continuation of the student's education.

For students arriving in Contra Costa SELPA LEAs with valid IEPs from other states, the LEA will provide comparable services in consultation with the parent, until the LEA conducts an assessment and develops a new IEP if appropriate. (Article 2, section 56325 (a) (3)) (Title 20, (d)(2)(C)(i)(II) )

For students transitioning from an elementary school district to a high school district
When a student is to enroll in a high school district from an elementary district, the elementary district shall invite a representative from the high school district to the IEP team meeting prior to enrollment in the high school district.

If the authorized high school personnel participate with the elementary district personnel in the IEP team meeting, the IEP shall specify the appropriate services to be provided by the high school district.

If the authorized representative of the high school district has not participated in the IEP development prior to transfer from the elementary program, the elementary school district shall notify the high school district of individuals with exceptional needs who require special education and related services.

For each student listed who enrolls in the high school district, the administrator shall make an Interim placement or convene an IEP team meeting immediately upon request for enrollment.
(5 CCR 3024(b), Article 2, section 56325)

Age 14.9 Transfer
When the district of residence is an elementary school district, the fiscal and case management responsibilities for an identified student will transfer to the high school district of residence when the student reaches 14.9 years of age on or before September 1, of each new school year unless previously graduated from eighth grade or previously transferred by an IEP team decision. However, extended school year services will be the fiscal and case responsibility of the elementary school district for the transition year.

If the elementary school district IEP team designates a student as an eighth grader at age 14.9 or later the elementary school district maintains fiscal responsibility.

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