Individual Paraprofessional Support Consideration Guidelines


The intent is to establish a uniform procedure for the assignment of adult support for a student as part of the Individual Education Program (IEP) process. These procedures provide guidelines for the decision-making process of incorporating Individualized Paraprofessional Support (IPS) into the student IEP and Behavior Intervention Plan if needed, as well as defining how to establish a student independence plan to monitor student progress toward independence as their need for adult support decreases.

The need for individual paraprofessional support, like any provision of special education and related services, must be determined on an individual basis. Whether IPS is necessary for a student to benefit from education is determined by the IEP team through assessment procedures set forth in IDEA and Education code (34 CFR § 300.15, Ed. Code § 56320). If the IEP team determines that a less intensive support is appropriate, i.e., accommodations, use of existing staff, Behavior Intervention Plan, etc., an explanation of those services should be discussed at an IEP meeting and outlined in the IEP document. The IEP team considers the implementation of IPS when less intensive supports have been exhausted.

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